Is Your Brow Game Brow Game?

Tired of the time it takes to get that perfect eyebrow look? Want to wake up with fresh, full eyebrows every morning? Skylar Renée Beauty has the solution for you.

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Microblading for Eyebrows

By Skylar Renée Beauty in Milwaukee County

What is Blade & Shade?

A “Blade and Shade” is microblading with the addition of machine shading. Skylar maps out the perfect brow shape for you and your facial structure. She uses an inked mapping string and other tools to measure the brows to make sure they’re even. Once the brow shape is approved by you, she uses a microblade (a combination of 14-18 sharp needles) to manually draw in hair strokes. Numbing cream is added after the first pass and then throughout the process to keep you comfortable. Machine shading is added at the end to create a more full and defined brow. This is an ideal eyebrow treatment for clients with little to no hair.

Eyebrow Shaping After Microblading

Your eyebrow hair is not removed to create a semi-permanent brow, so some people require eyebrow shaping down the line. Skylar will trim and shape the existing hair around your already microbladed eyebrows. This appointment is simple and only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Microblading Touch Ups & Color Correction

Since microblading your eyebrows is only a semi-permanent beauty treatment, you will require touch ups if you plan on keeping the same natural look. Every client that sees Skylar is required to have a touch up after 6 weeks. She will supply you with an aftercare treatment kit to last you from the first appointment to the follow-up.

The time between touch ups is dependent on each client. Your skin type, skincare routine and tanning can all affect how frequently you’ll need a touch up. Skylar offers 3-month, 6-month and yearly touch ups for existing clients. If you’re a new client who needs a touch up or color correction from previous work done by a different artist, additional fees will be required.

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Free Consultations

for Microblading Appointments

If you’re hesitant about microblading or have questions, Skylar offers free consultations to go over the entire process so you know you’re getting the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of. In the consultation, she will go over what the best look is for your face, pricing information and scheduling an appointment.

Skylar is accepting clients across Milwaukee County including Greenfield, Hales Corners, West Allis and beyond.

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