Eyebrow Shaping in Greenfield

After your microblading appointment, your existing brow hair will continue to grow. A few weeks later you may have unruly hairpieces affecting the shape of your newly microbladed brows. It can be a hassle to shape your eyebrows yourself and you may end up overplucking. Come into Skylar Renée Beauty for an eyebrow shaping. Skylar will trim and shape the existing hair around your microbladed eyebrows. 

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What is eyebrow shaping?

Eyebrow shaping is a personal beauty practice involving the plucking and trimming of eyebrow hairs to achieve the desired shape of the brow.


Who is Eyebrow Shaping for?

Eyebrow shaping at SRB is different than eyebrow shaping by a licensed esthetician. Skylar only works with returning or new clients who have had their eyebrows microbladed. She is a licensed semi-permanent tattoo artist who offers microblading, shading, and touch ups. 

How Much Does Eyebrow Shaping Cost?

Eyebrow shaping at Skylar Renée Beauty only takes about 20 minutes and costs $15. 

Contact Skylar if you’re curious about your eligibility for eyebrow shaping.
Eyebrow shaping services in Greenfield, WI

Eyebrow Shaping Costs

An eyebrow shaping service takes about 20 minutes of your day and will cost you $15. Skylar Renée Beauty's eyebrow services cost (see more microblading prices): 

  •  $25 30 Min Consult
  •  $15* Eyebrow Shaping
  •  $550 Microblading
  •  $550 Blade and Shade




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