Microshading in Greenfield, WI

Eyebrow Microshading in Greenfield

What is Microshading?

Microshading (‘Blade and Shade’) is used to create a fuller and more defined brow for clients with little to no existing hair. This is the perfect way to fix your overplucked eyebrows from those disastrous trends in the 2000s. 

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While microblading adds full strokes of pigment to your browline, microshading fills in the entire brow with light pigmentation for more color and definition. This will more closely resemble a penciled-in, airbrushed, or powdered eyebrow look that can be done with makeup. Instead of spending time drawing your eyebrows on with makeup, you get to wake up with fresh eyebrows every morning. It only takes about 3 hours to complete the entire Blade and Shade process. 

Note: After the appointment, your brow color will begin very bold but will soften over the following weeks.

How Long Do Blade & Shade Eyebrows Last?

Having a combination of microblading and shading can last longer than microblading by itself. Some clients don’t need touch ups until 1-2 years after their first appointment. Several factors will impact how long your brows last including your health, lifestyle, skincare products, and personal preference on brow boldness. 

What Does a Blade & Shade Appointment Cost?

Depending on where you live and what artist you go to, you may expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $2,000 for a Blade and Shade appointment. Even though microblading and shading aren’t cheap procedures, you will save in the long run on costly brow products. 

Skylar Renée Beauty charges $550 for a 3-hour appointment. Aftercare instructions and a kit are included in the total price. 

Does it Hurt to have your Brows Bladed & Shaded?

Each client has their own experience with pain/discomfort during the Blade and Shade process. Depending on your pain tolerance, you may only feel pressure. Some people liken the process to eyebrow tweezing. 

To alleviate discomfort, Skylar applies two topical ointments to numb the area during the procedure. The first ointment is applied before the process begins and the second numbing agent is applied throughout the entire procedure. SRB strives to give you the most comfortable brow experience possible. 

Microshading Eyebrow Services

Blade and Shade Healing 

The area around your brows may appear a bit pink and the brow pigment a bit dark. 1-2 weeks after your appointment, the color will start to fade into a more natural tint. To maintain the best results, don’t go on a beach vacation or hot tubbing at your winter cabin right after your appointment. Wait at least 2 weeks before you get your brows wet, washing them only outside of the shower. A touch-up session will need to be scheduled 6 weeks after your initial appointment to perfect your brows. You may need to have certain strokes darkened or small imperfections evened out. 

Contact Skylar Renée Beauty for more information on Blade and Shade brows. 

Microshading Cost

Manually blading your eyebrows with the addition of shading, will cost you $550. At Skylar Renée Beauty, the microshading service costs (see more microblading pricing): 

  •  $25 30 Min Consult
  •  $15* Eyebrow Shaping
  •  $550 Microblading
  •  $550 Blade and Shade




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